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Karnan is a Tamil language film that was delivered in 2021. It was coordinated by Mari Selvaraj and stars Dhanush, Lal, Rajisha Vijayan, and Yogi Babu in lead roles. The film is a show that arrangements with social and policy-driven issues and is set in a rustic backdrop.

The film is set in a village called Podiyankulam in Tamil Nadu and follows the existence of a young fellow named Karnan, who has a place in the persecuted local area of the village. The village is separated into two networks, and the predominant local area abuses the other. The film depicts the battle and obstruction of Karnan and his local area against the shameful acts and separation they face.

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Karnan, who is a dauntless and defiant young fellow, turns into the voice of his local area and leads them in their battle for justice. The film depicts how Karnan, with the help of his companions, takes on the strong and abusive prevailing local area, which incorporates the police and the politicians.

Throughout the film, the personality of Karnan is depicted as a legend who battles against unfairness and separation. The film likewise investigates the topics of casteism, imbalance, and social foul play predominant in society. The exhibitions of the lead entertainers, particularly Dhanush, have been exceptionally adulated by the crowd and critics alike.

Karnan Movie Trailer

Karnan full movie download

Karnan Movie Story

The film Karnan is a strong and provocative show that features the battles of the mistreated local area in a provincial village in Tamil Nadu, India. The story spins around the existence of a young fellow named Karnan (played by Dhanush), who is part of the underestimated local area living in the village.

Karnan full movie download

Karnan full movie download

The film depicts the abuse looked at by the local area because of the predominant local area, which incorporates the police and the politicians. The people group is denied admittance to essential conveniences like water, streets, and power, and they are additionally exposed to social discrimination and humiliation.

Karnan’s process is loaded up with difficulties and impediments, yet he stays not entirely set in stone to battle for his local area’s privileges. He takes on the predominant local area in different ways, including organizing fights, and mobilizes, and in any event, falling back on viciousness when vital. You can watch another film download from Tamil 2021.

Karnan full movie

Karnan Movie Cast

Star CastCharacter’s NameDetails
DhanushKarnanRead more
RajishaDraupathaiRead more
Lal Yema RajaRead more
Yogi BabuVadamalaiyaanRead more
Gouri G.PoyilalRead more
Shanmugarajan AbhimanyuRead more

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